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My last name is DeMarre and i served on the Fox from 1976-1977. During that time we had to follow a russian ship back to its waters. Our Captain wanted to get a better look for picture taking so we got within about 50 yards from them. They went to GQ and trained there missles on us. My doctor asked me how I came in contact with ionizing radiation. This is the only way I could think of. Has anyone else had a probllem with there thyroid gland?
hi sir,
i would like to ask some question about uss fox dlg cg 33? im from philippines and im looking for me real dad which name Dave Reynolds. he service also around 1977 to 1980 i guess if you do have some info about him can you please help me if not to much to asked? thanks alot and hoping for your reply.
have a nice day
radars do not emit ionizing radiation. common sources are x-rays and nuclear.
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