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John Bell
Hello sorry to bother you all, But im trying to get in touch with Vietnam vets who had served with my dad Robert J. Bell aka Bobby. If you dont know he had past away 3 Jul 2010 from cancer, He was 62. Sadly i was to young to remember anything i had asked him about his time in the navy, and now its a little to late for me to ask. Im hoping someone can tell me how he was when he was a sailer and maybe share some stories or pictures. i finally heard about his Grade A meat stamp tattoo he got when in hong kong. But any info would be great id just like to know how he was as a sailor. Im going on 8yrs in the Army myself with 2 combat deployments. Again im sorry to bother you all but if you have any info or any stories to share please contact me at thank You so much for your time.
Hello John
My name is Raymond Le May i served with Buddy from 71 -73 at that time he was a bt2  and i was btfn .i worked with him for almost two years he was a very good man ,quiet and kept to himself.he was into his job.on are last deployment to vietnam  on are way home we were both being discharged i was going to ride back to texas with him to visit but at the last moment i decided to come home to n.y. we shook hands and parted ways. he really was a good man i depended on him a lot in the navy sorry to hear of your loss.i have one good picture of him in the boiler room .i cant get it in this message it won`t let me if  you would like to see it try friending me on facebook Raymond Le May or on my site u.s.ships and sailors. again sorry for your loss

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