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John Bukovatz

I was a helicopter crewman with HS-2 flying out of Imperial Beach.  Early in 1968(as best I can remember) my squadron was involved in an ASW exercise off the coast of San Diego.  While dipping with our sonar, a transmission chip detector light came on.  I was too green to realize the trouble we were in.  With in minutes we were sitting on the fantail of the Fox.  A mechanic from the squadron was brought out to see if the problem was a bad sensor or a transmission.  Everyone but me was hoisted off and went home.  I was told to stay with the plane.  I didn't know what to expect.  I don't know if the Fox crew realized I was only airman(e3), but I had a great time.  I think it was an Ensign that gave me a tour of the ship.  The CIC was much better than the Hornet.  After my tour it was announced that the ships crew could come back to the plane and I would give a tour.  Several came to the plane and I passed on what little I new about the plane.  At first I was told I would stay on board till the exercise was over.  It was latter decided to go into North Island and unload the plane after midnight.   I most impressed with the food.   I still remember the strawberry shortcake.   My squadron went to Vietnam on the Hornet and I lived on coleslaw and green baloney.  I am not kidding about the food.  I always liked going on mail runs.  At every ship we delivered to, we requested food.   I know I was your source for mail, but you didn't know how hungry I was.


Thanks for a good day.




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I reported aboard in February 1968.  I was an Air Intercept Air Controller, and controlled many helicopters coming to the Fox, especially the mail runs in the Tonkin Gulf.  I don't remember that particular incident but I may have been the controller, 


Certainly glad you enjoyed your stay on Fox. 

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