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!. Mr Habib  I forgot my passwrod--my new email is at Thanks Thomas R. Hagen.

2. I some reason want to believe we were docked in DaNang  or one of the ports in Viet Nam --I rememeber going once with HMC Lane to deliver the Health records of the ship-and quarantine if any. We did have a out break aboard the Fox with hepatitis, and I rememeber having to give Gamma Globulin shots to the crew.

Crud for the life of me I don't remeber for sure which port it was--any memories?

3. My cocern with the Va on it's stance about agent orange-is it obviously drifted out to sea and my sources tell mne up to 50 mi. I believe we sat /patrolled about 25mi. and less off shore, about 75 mi. No. of the DMZ. PIRAZ.  tHIS BEING SAID i WONDER IF ANY OTHER SHIPMATES HAVE EXPERIENCED  WITH THEIR OFF SPRING AND GRANDCHILDREN ANY BONE/GROWTH PROBLEMS, ESPECIALLY GROWTH PLATE FRACTURES OR TEARS OF THE HIP? Thanks.

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