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Hi my name is Jeremy Holm, my father Lynn Micheal "Sparky" Holm served on the USS Fox from 70-74. He passed away on October 31, 2011 from Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) in relations to a parasite that he knowingly ingested during his time in Southeast Asia.

The parasite is a Liver Fluke that is commonly found in fish that many of the Southeast Asian's consume. The liver fluke attaches it's self to the bile duct wall and changes your DNA structure. It lives in the bile duct for around 10 years and and doesn't flush out of the system until another 30 years later. In that time the DNA in the system is being changed and your body tries to fight it by creating cancer cells.

By the time anyone shows symptoms ( yellowing of the skin and eyes, stomach pains, weakness, gallbladder problems, kidney problems, and lack of energy) the cancer is in Stage 4.

Please have yourself checked out immediately if you show any of these symptoms.

On a side note I would like to hear from anyone that might have served with my father during 70-74 and in hopes of hearing stories and or pictures that might have him in it. I know there was ship leaves in the following locations during that time; Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, and a couple of others I forgot.

I know he has some pictures from times that the ship fired upon a sub and the yellow smoke that was released indicating a direct hit. Also there are some of the chopper "big mother" for mail call. and photo's of the smoke that could be seen off shore of Vietnam.

Anything helps.
Thank You for your time.

Jeremy Holm

In Memory of
Lynn Micheal "Sparky" Holm    

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Merry Christmas from Oregon everyone.

I have another warning for you guys. If any of you are having lung problems, see the VA about it. There is a very good possibility that your problems are caused by exposure to asbestos aboard the Fox. I very good friend of mine and ex-shipmate of ours has fibrosis in one lung and having surgery on the other one in another week or so. I just wanted everyone to be aware of another danger we faced, especially if you worked in the boiler room.

Take care all.

Chuck Gilman, FTM2

Sorry to hear of Lynn Holms death.  I knew of him as I worked sickbay--I was a Corpsman. I have seen Rick Littlefield somewheres ---bet hge'd have known your dad well, since they were in the same Division. Tom


Yes the Fox was loaded with Asbestos--all those steam pipes/ hot water were covered with asbestos.



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Sorry I have not been on in awhile and I do apologize. I would like to know if anyone would have photos of my father on the USS Fox from 1970 - 1974. It would be nice to have photos of when the ship was docked in Thialand, China, Japan, Hawaii, or the Philippines. I have attached 2 photos of him during this time and a paper clipping from a helicopter rescue that was done.

The photos we do have are very limited due to most of them being lost when my parents moved from California to Oregon. Anything will be helpful and appreciated.

Thank You for your time,
Jeremy Holm
Lynn Micheal "Sparky" Holm 1952-2011

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  My name is Richard Littlefield and I served with your father on the good ship Fox. Sorry to hear of his passing
but we all know he's in far better place with the Lord. I served from 1969 till Jun 1973 and again from Nov 1973
till I transferred in 1975 while in Subic Bay and they left for the Indian Ocean. If it is okay with you I would like
to post his passing on our Anchors Aweigh posting of shipmates who have served and passed on. Is this okay
with you? Also what was his rank was it RM3 or RM2? I retired from the Navy in 1990 as an RM1(SW) after 21
years. I wish you and your family fair winds and following seas. Sorry but I have no pictures.

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Shipmate Lynn Holm will be honored during the Two Bell Ceremony at our upcoming reunion in San Diego.  His name has been placed on our Anchor's Aweigh page on the web site.

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Update:  My buddy Chris Nelson (ICFN) passed away a couple of weeks ago from his shipboard associated illnesses due to asbestos exposure.  He was on full VA disability.  They recognized the cause.

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p.s.  Happy Veteran's day everyone!
vicky webster
My husband worked in the boiler room on the us navy ship in the Vietnam era in 1972 and was over in Vietnam and he now has renal cell cancer 38 years later in the left kidney and a. Tumor in the right. And lungs with something on them vicky
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