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In March of 1981 (approximately the 20th), the ship and crew of the USS Fox rescued a small stranded Vietnamese boat off the coast of Vietnam with 27 passengers. The members of the stranded boat had been adrift for about 2 weeks without food or water. My wife, Oanh, was one of the 27 passengers rescued by the USS Fox. We want to offer a BIG 'Thank You' to the crew of the USS Fox for saving the lives of these 'boat people' who chose to risk everything instead of living under communist oppression. Are there any crew members who remember this event?


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I remember it well, we also rescued a second boat that day with 9 more refugees.  The good Lord had us in the right place at the right time to save those brave people.  I am glad it worked out for you.

Take care and God Bless
ET1 (USNR ret)
I, too, remember the folks we assisted. I'm glad we were there to help. It was a crazy time with the war and all. It was nice to feel that we accomplished some good and perhaps helped to change some lives for the better.

RM2 Karl Neitzel
Served on Fox 78-82
Andre A Maynard
We picked up people on two different boats. I still think about it today. I know the people we picked up had a much better life then what they left behind. I always wondered what they did after we dropped then off. I think we took them to the Philippines.
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