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Does anybody remember the date when the circulating water pump blew in #2 engine room?
Did you ever find any information on your question I was a shipserviceman and would like to know also but can not remember

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Did that pump blow before the January 1973 WestPAC tour?
SEP1979-SEP1979Engineroom Explosion - Main Circualting Pump #2 Steam Explosion

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Okay thanks

What was the names of the shipmates that were injured in the explosion?
Can't remember who was injured, but FTG2 Robbins pulled him out.
MMCM Jones C.L.
This happened shortly before I went to the Fox, but my Brother was on it at the time and he says it was around 1978. 
That was after overhaul in Bremerton.
It was the main circulating pump that blew. I was the aux top watch and we were lighting off early to get underway. I can't remember who the messenger was. Dave Perry was on the lower level. When I opened the steam admission valve, the turbine over-pressurized and blew the top off. The exhaust relief valve that should have prevented it was put in backwards by the shipyard. The remote linkage that showed the valve open was disconnected.

All I remember is the bang, lots of steam, and Dave pulling me out of the pit. I was lucky and only received a few stitches in my scalp. The messenger was messed up pretty bad. He was eventually discharged. He sued the shipyard and I had to give a deposition but I don't know whatever happened with the case.

When I log in, I can't send an email so I'll continue as unregistered.

Regarding the circ pump explosion... I'm Chris Norby and I was an MM1 and the top watch when this happened. It was the first light-off in San Diego after we returned there from the overhaul in Bremerton. Must have been 1979.

It may have been FN Stoltenberg who was the messenger - I honestly can't remember. He received mostly burns and was in a lot of pain. I was very lucky. I was standing above and just to the side of the turbine when it blew. A deck plate flew up that must have missed me by inches. It was my first and only ambulance ride.

I'm pretty sure it was MM2 Perry who came up from the lower level and pulled me out. He received at NAM for it. It must have been FTG2 Robbins who went down to get the messenger.
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