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R A Brattain

Posts: 15

I am a Plank owner of the USS Fox DLG 33 March 1966 to Dec 1967. I was in First Division. I got wasted in each port we went to boy did I have a good time. 

Donatus Kelch

I was a plank owner in OE division - a DS servicing the CIC equipment. I started in Todd Shipyards and rode that cattle car for several months.


Posts: 2

Looking for any of my Boatswain Mate buddies who were on the Fox from 68-70

Bill Grimsley
I am plank owner. I was there from Todd shipyard to 1970. Look forward to hearing from anyone that remembers me.BG
Larry Mikulski

Posts: 2
I am also a plankowner 66 - 68
Jack Carter (Nick)

Posts: 4

I am also a proud plan kowner. I was in 1st. Div. I have great memories of Larry Mikulski and Richard Brattain. God I hope I spelled your names right. Where is everyone guys?

R A Brattain

Posts: 15

Hay Carter its been a long time I am now Retired as a Plumber The Wife is still working. I have a 1998 Gold wing I have put 30,000 mi on it. I just booked a 12 day cruise to New Zealand we will be going in December 2012 fly to Sidney Australia and pick up the Ship. Remember the 3 females that was hiding on the ship when we left New Zealand? And the XO caught  me sleeping on watch that cost me one pay grade.


Posts: 3
Plant Owner server on the USS Fox from February until December 1966. I was an ETN3 in the OE division one of Lt. John Payne's crew. It was a great bunch of guys who rode the old Cattle Car truck to Todd Shipyard each morning and returned to the Long Beach Naval Station Barracks each evening.
OS2 Hilborn
Served on Fox 89/93 best time of my life, regret getting out of Nav.
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