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Mike Fink

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I just found this board and I saw where Mike Coffey made a couple posts, I was on the Fox 67-68 RM3 at the, some of the old radio gang was Jim Smith, Vince Garcia, Billy Brand, Al Boomgartner, RM1 Anderson, Mike was an OS and we ran around alot back then. I sent an email to the address on here, no repsonse. Has anyone seen or heard of the guys I mentioned and Mike. Gimme a shout email

Mike Fink RMC(SW)ret  
Was chief Davis your replacement, I was on Fox oct 69-may 70
Chief Davis was from Cassville misouri. Most of the guys you mentioned
were gone when i got there. There was also a Mdc nab 1st class,
was he there when you were there?
Mitch ( Ted Mitchell RM3)
"Ha trabajado mucho y se ha esforzado mucho y podría entrar en la convocatoria", dijo Velázquez, quien tiene previsto subir a algún jugador del filial para tener alternativas.

Velázquez insistió en que el equipo vivió su primera derrota de la camisetas brasil temporada en Gijón paradójicamente en el mejor partido que ha disputado hasta el momento. "Por ello creo camisetas del brasil que este partido solo sirve para ser constructivo y por tanto para seguir creciendo", dijo.

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Ted, for what it's worth 7 years after Fink's post and your question, Mike was an RM3 when I first came on board in Feb 1968 but was soon transferred. Chief Davis was a replacement for RMCS Haber and a finer Chief would be hard to find. I remember both Haber and Davis as solid sailors. If I could find Chief Davis i'd like to apologize to him (and some others as well) for my lousy attitude on the '70 cruise. For anyone who's reading, Fink and James Smith RM3's  when I knew em are still kicking.

RM2 Cunningham
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