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Any info on this incident would be great if I could find the Fox sailor who pulled me from the cargo door of the helo....The Fox had to return to Subic to have the helo removed from the starboard aft side of the ship....Thanks

I think cwo doug jones was the landing officer that day.

Could it have been another year? I was on the Fox in spring of '73 but recall no helo accident as you describe
Yeah, CWO Jones was in charge and it was Spring 73.

Ship was at PIRAZ station and had to move down to Yankee station to see if it could be hoisted off by one of the carriers. From there, made a mad dash to Subic and back.
doug jones
I am CWO Doug Jones and I was the LSO when the incident happened.  I don't recall seeing anyone departing the helo, so can't help you there. 

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                         it was me  cliff powers that pulled you back,I was the guy in the first lueys office

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I watched it happen from the signal bridge. We were lucky that day. I've got photos of the off-load at Subic if anyone needs them...
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